About Mei

I'm a machine learning engineer, researcher and inventor. 

My passions are in building cool things, neuroscience, music, psychology, math, philosophy, and art. 

I'm on a mission to find my unknown unknowns --> known knowns

📩 meichen.mlc@gmail.com

TOPICS of research

Perception of reality, phenomenological, consciousness perturbations 

Data encodings, personality attunement, individual embedding

Artificial stupidity, human-powered machines, brain-server longevity

PAST  projects | Google Scholar

Age-Related Changes in Vibro-Tactile EEG Response 
🧠 Older adults have a more bi-lateral brain activation compared to younger adults. Bi-lateral activation means when one side of the brain is activated, both respective regions light up! 

Mindfulness Improves Brain-computer Interface Accuracy🧘🏻‍♀️Guided meditation helped brain-computer interface users increase their accuracy in using a tactile attention model. 
Music Imagery for Brain-Computer Interface ControlImagining different scales of musical tunes can be used as commands in a BCI
Commanding Wheelchair in Virtual Reality with Thoughts by Multiclass BCI based on Movement-related Cortical PotentialsThis proof-of-concept application demonstrated it's possible to navigate a 3D-virtual world simply by imagining movement
Non-invasive brain stimulation interventions for management of chronic central neuropathic painBrain stimulation has a footing in pain management
Furosemide and Albumin for Diuresis of Edema💉In this study, albumin did not demonstrate to be a feasible solution to be administered together with furosemide for diuresis.